Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Jill K.

To compose a testimonial for Steve Walker is difficult because he has done so much for us. Steve is professional. His knowledge comes from decades of experience; he has won awards for being in the top .05% in a market of over 50 000 realtors in Toronto; that statistic alone speaks volumes. To be that good, it takes tireless hours of work, it takes tenacity and patience, it takes compassion and insight, and it takes great care. After we purchased our home, Steve still helped us. He could have taken the money and run but Steve has integrity. His warmth and genuineness combined with sharp knowledge make Steve the right realtor for anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

By: Sam K.

As a first time home buyers in Canada,we are not sure about most of the technicalities of the house. Steve was a quick observer and used to share all the minor details of the house with us.We learnt a lot in this process and how to see a house from microscopic vision . We ended up learning more from him than our house inspector. The buying process itself was very easy and stressfree. Thank you Steve

By: Rebecca P.

Steve is a great realtor, informative and quick to respond to all questions. He gave great advice and helped us close on our dream home with a great price. Extremely happy and would recommend!

By: Yash M.

Steve has been extremely professional, honest and hard working. He was always quick to respond, very fast to get things done. Further he always gave honest suggestions, guided us in right direction and was extremely helpful. It was amazing working with him and I would highly recommend working with him.

By: Natalie B.

This is the 3rd time we hired Steve to buy/sell a property in the last few years. Each time, we were very pleased with his service. He replies to emails and texts promptly and is very knowledgeable in both buying and selling properties. Each transaction was extremely smooth and he sold our condo within a few days! I would highly recommend Steve.

By: Prashant K.

We met you and begin search of our dream house. The journey was super quick and smooth. You patiently answered our all queries. We learnt lot of good things from you and acknowledge your healthy experience. Thank you for finding us our dream house.

By: Craig B.

Great Guy!! Used him numerous times now and would recommend him to anyone.